How to Choose a Lock How to Choose a Lock ѡ

       We usually use cylindrical tubular key lock, flat key lock, leaves key lock. But the key types are more than 1,000 kinds. Anti- damaged properties of locks depends on the strength of the material. Security depends on the key numbers (numbers have different levels change.) The locks lack of security when the type of key teeth is less than 20 kinds. From 100 to 10,000 kinds of changes. The more reliability and the possibility of opening the less, the more security. More changes in the general level of the tubular cylinder locks, it is safe than other flat key locks.

1. Switch lock
         The switch lock can become safety by the means of mechanical devices, led the back insulation part opencut off, automatic reset , sub-control by using keys to open. Keys can be pulled out at 1 position or 2,3,4 positions. Especially in the high-technology products and automation products applications. Main dimensions are 8mm and 150mm

2. Cam lock & Mechanical lock
        The type of lock is used for the door, counter bins opening and closing. Led by key back-end monolithic (tongue-shaped) fixed point of the connecting pieces of a security seal and the role of dust. Mainly used in the industrial, domestic, civilian products. Generic switching distance needs 45 - 360 range. Main dimensions are 10mm-100mm.

3. How to choose & master keys
       Keys in the same number: One key can open all the locks, such industrial efficiency of operation is poor in security. Keys are not the same numbers: 100 kinds of keys could not open each other. A key to a lock can only open one lock than other locks. Mainly used in anti-theft or security needs a strong products. But it may also be customized specifications for the special lock and key.

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